The Third International Business Conference
“Top management:
the challenges and confines of competition”
November 30-December 1, 2007

Strategic control of the future


“Astonishing creative power of the competition changes not only companies but industries and even countries”, wrote Michael Porter in the preface to his book.
In what fields does the competition take place today?
The growth scale of the competition oversteps the limits of companies. Companies compete using national, regional and global strategies.
Not a single country or a company can afford ignoring objective importance of the competition.They should try to understand and master the art of competitive struggle.
It is not only the scale that changes in competition, but its character as well. If earlier manufacturers competing with each other in speed and quality of the production, today they are competing in the art of customer’s service. If earlier the competition of products was dominant, today the brands are competing, carrying certain idea or relations, behavior standards.
Competition even penetrates into virtual space, expanding in the field of video games, modern novels, network communities, setting the rules of interaction in the intangible world.
Companies are inventing new competitive strategies in struggle for customer attention. Everyone is concerned with the pursuit of philosophers' stone of the competition, an advantage that could guarantee a long term and inexhaustible cash flow and market leadership. The longer the pursuit takes, the more instruments and fields of success are mastered: new information systems, new technological services, new methods of staff and team management, new strategic decisions.
The main objective of the conference is to determine effective competitive strategies that could provide competitive advantages and leadership in the market.
There will be concepts, instruments and know-hows in the area of business competitiveness promotion presented during the conference.
Top managers from Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic and other foreign countries. 200 people.
Minsk, International Education Centre (IBB), 11, Gazety Prawda Av.
The cost for 1 participant — 600 USD.