In the program of the conference plenary sessions, workshops, sections, panels, professional advices.

Global level
Growth financing
Attracting investments
Competition of the minds, politics,
geography and economy for the
global financial resources
BRIC! Perspectives?
Globalization and competition —
how to enter global markets?
How to evaluate competition?
How to struggle for resources? How to win at this level,
what instruments to use
(lobbying, international cooperation, etc.)
Leadership and competition
Innovations and competition
Corporate management and corporate strategy
Industry level
Production system as a competitive advantage
Mergers and acquisitions
Diversification or specialization?
Leader personality as a source in competitive struggle
Brand as an instrument in competition
Operating effectiveness
Niche strategies
Key Success Factors
Strategic choice for downshifting industry
Distribution system or logistics
Pricing policy, etc.
“Hidden champions”, their way and choice
Spreading company’s ideology as a source in competitive struggle for personnel
Emulation of leader or the first among the weak?
Company level
Competition for personnel
Struggle for budget
Struggle for power in hierarchy
Internal clienting
Information flow management
Competition of ideas and for ideas
Understanding of globalization and susceptibility for its instruments